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proposal: Setting up a samba server on Fedora Core 4


attached a rough draft for a step-by-step guide to set up a samba
server. It is based on some internal documentation that I wrote for my

Current status:

part 1 - 5 are nearly ready (in German) but needs some polishing/
clarification before disseminating and, of course, I have to do a


Step-By-Step Guide: Setting up a Samba server with Fedora

1. Introduction

  • What can Samba provide (1 sentence)

  • What does Fedora deliver

  • What administration tasks have to be performed

  • How Fedora tools fit into the picture

  • Intention of this tutorial: setting up a Fedora workgroup server / NAS. Not covered: setting up a complex domain infrastructure.

  • Related to Fedora Core 4, Samba version 3.0.14, should be applicable to FC3/Samba 3.0.10, too.

2. Configuring the Basics

2.1 Installation of the Software

  • Check, if already installed

  • install it using system-config-packages or yum

2.2 Standalone Server and Configuring the Workgroup Name

  • Why configuring the workgroup

  • Configuring the samba server (system-config-samba)

  • Configuring Windows clients

2.3 User Based Security and Adding Users

  • What is user based security, pros and potential probs

  • Adding Linux system users (system-config-users)

  • Adding Samba users (system-config-samba)

2.4 Printing

  • Printing already preconfigured

  • Configuring Windows client

3. Achieved Results Until Now

  • Basically working samba configuration as a workgroup or home server

  • Further optimising the finding of clients and server

  • Further Improvement for usage: additional shares for collaborative working

4. Optimising the configuration

4.1 Activating WINS

  • Problem of name resolution

  • editing /etc/samba/conf

4.2 Activating browsing

  • Problem of browsing, principle of master election

  • editing /etc/samba/conf

5. Further Enhancements

5.1 A Place to Exchange Files for all users

  • Overview

  • Adding a share using system-config-samba

5.2 A Place to share files between a group of users

  • Overview

  • Adding groups using system-config-users

  • Adding a share using system-config-samba

6. Further Readings

  • Link to Samba documentatin on samba.org

  • Link to other Red Hat Samba documentation (if applicable)

  • Book recommendations

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