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Re: Docs packaging

Peter Boy wrote:

Am Dienstag, den 23.08.2005, 18:15 -0400 schrieb David Malcolm:

Can we ship the XML (perhaps as well) and have the documentation
readable in Yelp? It would be great to have the installed Fedora docs
appear when clicking on the desktop's "Help" menu item.

This feature should become a central goal. Currently the help button is of quite limited use if you want to learn something about Fedora specific topics. It is in it's current incarnation even of very limited use as a starting point and quick access help to reach the available information most installed programs deliver in /usr/share/docs.

But this intention may conflict with the intention to meet the upstream
work as much as possible?


If there are good reasons to deviate from upstream in a preferably non intrusive fashion, we can request that. The idea to stick close to upstream is not a iron clad rule. Its a general guideline. Since Fedora releases are not in sync with all of the several different upstream projects, many of the packages would end up carrying bug fixes that havent been upstreamed yet. So we should carefully evaluate the cost of maintaining a patch vs the advantage of doing so everytime we deviate from upstream packages

In this if the underlying help system itself is DE neutral in such a way that the same documents show up in any DE/WM that we ship in core, its reasonable to provide a patch for that system to show the Fedora documentation too but as long core includes both GNOME and KDE, adding a dependency to yelp for the documentation packages looks unreasonable to me


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