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Re: Wiki musings

My biggest question here:

Do we distinguish between "documentation for using Fedora" and 
"documentation for helping to produce Fedora"?

A lot of the stuff that is "documented" on the wiki is process for 
contributors.  "How do I get a package into Extras?"  "How do I get an 
account in the accounts system?"  And so forth.  These seem like living 
documents to me.

Do you have some good examples of wiki documents that you'd like to 


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On Tue, 23 Aug 2005, Karsten Wade wrote:

> We had a lively discussion about Wiki at the FDSCo meeting this week.  
> Here is my summary of the current argument and ideas:
> Fact:  The community has bypassed FDP technologies in favor of the Wiki
> Fact:  To still be the project that handles Fedora documentation, we
> need to address this activity.  These docs need to be brought into the
> fold, and a process created to formalize them.
> Why the last fact?
> Our goal is to create high quality documentation for Fedora.  Tools are
> not specified in that goal.  Just the quality.  Printable, packageable,
> viewable with XML viewers, useful offline as well as on.
> To ensure quality, we need:
> * Actual technical and grammatical editing
> * Some control over some kinds of content, to protect from accidental or
> malicious tampering
> * Multiple output formats for our finished documentation
> To get those, we need to move our process to include the Wiki.
> Otherwise, there is a growing amount of documentation that is within the
> project because it is hosted on fedoraproject.org, but is not QA'd or
> available for printing, etc.
> Here are some ideas for how to accomplish this:
> * Create a structure in the Wiki that will let us host a Docs/Drafts/Foo
> and a Docs/Foo, to help differentiate draft content
> * Draft documents must have the word Draft in their title, perhaps even
> their Wiki title?  The name could be changed (using a rename or a
> #redirect) to the final doc, when finalized.
> * Editors need to subscribe to /Docs/Drafts/* and help writers by
> watching content changes.  Via RSS feed, if they prefer.
> * wiki/Docs/Drafts/ needs to be closed to all but those in the
> DocWriters groups.  This membership should be easy to obtain.
> * Wiki/Docs/ needs to be for DocEditors only
> * We can add people to those groups quickly and easily, and we encourage
> cross-work.  If you see something that needs fixing within those trees,
> fix it, knowing others are watching you to help fix your mistakes.
> * To be promoted from wiki/Docs/Drafts to wiki/Docs/ requires an editor
> approve the document as ready to publish.  Once it's moved, the writer
> can continue to work on it.  Anyone else who wants to work on it need
> only be in the DocWriter group, which is the same as described in
> NewWriters.  Developers need to have self-intro'd on some mailing
> list. :)
> * New documents can be written and abandoned in Docs/Drafts/.  We'll
> have quarterly clean-ups and purge cruft.  This is a safe scratch space,
> well marked with "Tygers Be Here, Users Run Away!!"
> * Formal documents should be available in PDF, tarball, and RPM format.
> To accomplish this, part of promoting every document to Docs/ is to
> create a CVS module for it and get the Wiki to pull from CVS instead of
> its own flat-files.
> This last part is the one that requires some new infrastructure.  I am
> working on this with Seth and Elliot.  The idea is to edit the XML
> directly through the Wiki, with the XML stored in CVS and thus part of
> the whole build system.
> Bottom line is, your choice of what tool to edit your content should not
> stop us from fully utilizing your content.
> Opening up our documentation this way will attract developers who won't
> fool with XML in CVS.  We just give them DocWriter access, and away they
> go.
> Thoughts?
> - Karsten
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