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[ANN] Draft Document Rendering

Hi, Folks!

Unless you are involved, or interested in, the Fedora Doc publishing
infrastructure you can skip this but you're welcome to stay.  We
are keeping the default behaviour of watermarking the HTML documents
produced from the CVS files as "DRAFT / NOT FOR REFERENCE".

Per the discussion and suggestions on this list, I've made using
different CSS stylesheets much easier.  This should allow a batch
building process to choose, at rendering time, which CSS stylesheet
to use.

Two new "docs-common/Makefile.common" macros have been added:

${HTMLCSS} should contain the path to whatever CSS stylesheet should
be used.

${HTMLCSSEXTRA} should list any additional files needed by the CSS
stylesheet, such as the "images/watermark.png" file used by the
default stylesheet.

Currently there are several ways of specifying any of the
"docs-common/Makefile.common" macros:

1) Do nothing and accept the default values coded in

2) Add the definitions at the top of the document "Makefile".  This
   is NOT recommended.

3) Create the file "Make.paths" in the document directory and place
   the macro definitions in there, just as if they were part of

4) Export the macro definitions into your environment before doing
   the make.

5) Define the macro on the make command line:
   $ make HTMLCSS=/path/to/my.css html

For now, I recommend either method #3 or #5, depending on how many
times you need to build the document.

As always, suggestions, comments and bribes are cheerfully accepted.


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