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Re: [RFC] Image filename conventions

On Mon, 2005-12-12 at 17:41 -0600, Tommy Reynolds wrote:
> I have added the "figs/Manifest-${LANG}" file, mentioned in my
> previous email, so you can name your files using whatever convention
> you choose; the cost is having to explicity identify the files.
> Sound OK, now? 

It should also be noted in the documentation-guide (or where ever these
rules land), that you need to include the directories in the Manifest as
well.  My apologies if that was stated already.

Additionally, should the Manifest-${LANG} should reference images
relative to the figs/ directory?  For example

$ cat figs/Manifest-en

If that is the case then ../docs-common/bin/copy-figs is able to find
them, however for htmlchunked output it places those files in ...


Which now differs from how html-nochunks refers to these images:


For consistency, and working figures, I would suggest that copy-figs put
all figures under a figs/ directory within ${DOCBASE}-${LANG} (like
${DOCBASE}-${LANG}/figs)?  Am I using the Manifest-${LANG} incorrectly?


 James Laska         -- jlaska redhat com
 Quality Engineering -- Red Hat, Inc.

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