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Re: [RFC] Image filename conventions

Uttered James Laska <jlaska redhat com>, spake thus:

> > Sound OK, now? 
> It should also be noted in the documentation-guide (or where ever these
> rules land), that you need to include the directories in the Manifest as
> well.  My apologies if that was stated already.

Good idea.  That was not explicitly stated.  I've just checked in a
new version of "copy-figs" that will create path components
automatically if the Manifest-${LANG} omits the directories.
> Additionally, should the Manifest-${LANG} should reference images
> relative to the figs/ directory?  For example

Ah, caught another one!

I've fixed the copy-figs script to work correctly now.  A
Manifest-${LANG} file should look like this:

	$ find figs -print >/tmp/foo && mv /tmp/foo figs/Manifest-${LANG}
	$ cat figs/Manifest-${LANG}

It's OK, but no longer necessary, if directories are listed in the 
Manifest-${LANG} file.  Also "*/CVS/*" and "*/.svn/*" entries
continue to be ignored.


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