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Re: Self Introduction: Martin Joseph Brej

On Sat, 2005-12-17 at 14:10 -0800, Martin Joseph Brej wrote:
>      1. Full legal name:  Martin Joseph Brej 
>       * City, Country, Timezone:  Monterey, California, USA (Pacific
>         Time) 
>       * Profession:  Software Consulting Manager 
>       * Company:  International Business Machines Corporation 
>       * My goals in the Fedora Project:  I enjoy using Fedora as a
>         platform for my home personal computing needs and would very
>         much like to help others become open source users as well--to
>         help take the technology mainstream.  I am not a coder, but do
>         consider myself to be a power-user with strong familiarity
>         with software development processes.  I am a liberal arts
>         major with a passion for explaining technology to others.
>               * What do you want to write about?  I am open to writing
>                 for any area within Fedora that most needs the help.
>                 My personal experience is that many programs are not
>                 documented or have documentation that is "rough and
>                 ready".  I could help cover areas no one else
>                 currently is or supplement areas which are currently
>                 documented but in need of some polishing.

Welcome to the project !

There are several documents where an additional writer would be
extremely helpful:

- Release Notes: we have vacancies for writers to cover some of the
sections. This doesn't require much of time commitment, and is a fairly
easy way to get started. The page is here:


- Documents in progress: There are half-a-dozen documents in early
phases, and an additional writer would be welcome for any of them:


You could also pick up one of these, or propose your own subject:


Probably the best thing to do is to have a look through, and pick an
area that interests you personally. To get started, you can then either
e-mail, or join the IRC channel (#fedora-docs on Freenode).


Stuart Ellis

stuart elsn or

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