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Re: EPS and make PDF

On Mon, 7 Feb 2005 23:11:38 -0600, "Tommy Reynolds"
<Tommy Reynolds MegaCoder com> said:
> Uttered "Stuart Ellis" <s ellis fastmail co uk>, spake thus:
> I was able to generate a PDF from the IG by using "fop".

Well, that's actually good news :)  PDF build has been broken for about
a month on this document using the standard toolchain (before I started
putting EPS in), so I couldn't be sure that it would build for anybody.

> You  might try the Apache FOP tool as an interim measure, but we need
> a solid toolset -- which we do not have.

True.  The decision was made to put all the pieces in place for PDF
generation anyway, so that it could be built when a new toolchain is
sorted out.  Since it more or less worked at one point, I was hoping
that the current toolchain could be coaxed into giving us something,
even if only for the purposes of validating the markup and the EPS
files.  I know very little about this technology, but I can act as a
guinea pig if anyone has anything specific that that they would to try
out with new or existing tools. 

Stuart Ellis
s ellis fastmail co uk

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