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I am Mayank Sharma, a freelance technical writer in New Delhi, India. I helped launch India's first magazine on Open Source -- LINUX For You. Currently am freelancing for OSTG (NewsForge, Linux.com, etc) and occasionally write for Linux Journal and OpenOffice.org as well. I am one of the silent subscribers of the list, but hope to change that status with this email.

While working on an article on SELinux, I bumped into Karsten at #selinux. After a few hours we were discussing about the fedora docs, Karsten laying down the project's need for authors. Due to time considerations I can't (yet) author a doc, but I did volunteer to maintain the existing stock.

Karsten thinks the Installation Guide would need multiple maintainers. So here I am ready to share the burden with Stuart.

This (http://fedora.redhat.com/projects/docs/) has been read and understod.

Awaiting orders!


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