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Re: Screenshot Queries

On Sat, Jan 15, 2005 at 01:09:52PM +0000, Stuart Ellis wrote:
> I've done a full batch of screenshots for the Installation Guide, and
> the masters are here:
> http://www.mythic-beasts.com/~hobb/fedora/screenshots/
> Two rather silly queries regarding these:
> 1) The Documentation Guide specifies a width but not a height.  What
> would be the best height to use ?

When you resize it, contrain proportions. The width maximum is for
online viewing. Height doesn't matter as much. When we generate PDFs,
the height will matter more because of page breaks, but the anaconda
screenshots should be fine.

> 2) There are a lot of images, which means that organising them is a
> problem in itself.  Is there a naming convention that I should use for
> the files ?

The filenames you've used look fine -- descriptive of the screen
itself. One suggestion I would make is to remove the numbers. Screens
tend to be moved around in anaconda, and it could be confusing down
the line as we start working on revisions of the Installation Guide.

> FWIW, these were captured using VMWare.  I found that many of the
> required images couldn't be captured with anaconda's --auto-screenshot
> because they were either text mode, or were dialog boxes.

There is a way to capture screenshots for the "text" screens, although
I've never quite figured it out. Someone on the anaconda team might be
able to enlighten us if they are watching this list.

For the dialogs, I've found success in using the manual screenshot
feature of anaconda: Shift-PrtScreen. I can't remember, but you might
have to use The GIMP to crop the dialog out after that.


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