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Re: tidy-bowl - BETA invitation!

On Fri, 2005-07-08 at 15:41 -0700, Karsten Wade wrote:

> * Some tags have breaks before and after, perhaps meaning they are not
> being recognized as inline.  These include <ulink> and <abbrev>.  I
> suppose I should put a line in xmlformat-fdp.conf, except there is one
> for <ulink> already to make it inline.  Hmmm.  I tried adding "entry-
> break" and "exit-break" set to 0 for ulink, but it still makes line
> breaks.

That's odd.  I tend to put links outside of the main text, so I didn't
see this.

A link:


> * A number of paragraphs appear to have been indented by a single space.
> These might have been spaces-not-tabs indents that I didn't clean up
> after I fixed my .emacs to stop doing that.  I.e., I went back to using
> tabs-as-tabs to match with the default Emacs install on Fedora Core, but
> I may not have fixed up this document and it is using spaces-as-tabs.

My pgsgml-processed documents have the columns indented with a single
tab, which tidy-bowl converts to 7 spaces.

> * All of my double-spaces after periods have been replaced with single-
> spaces.  I thought that DocBook liked the double-space after a period?
> Or am I just left in the typewriter age on that one?

I automatically double-space after a period when typing, but I've
noticed that pgsgml would reset my spacing variably.

Those documents were written with emacs 21 (standard FC3 package) and
pgsgml, and the setup may have been mildly broken, so YMMV.  I've been
editing them with FC4 emacs and Tim Waugh's nxml package before passing
them to tidy-bowl.


Stuart Ellis

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