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f.r.c organization

Karsten mentioned to me offhand last night, after the meeting, that we
may need some standards in place for publication directories on
fedora.redhat.com.  At least some of our publications will (hopefully)
eventually be translated, and some may branch for different versions of
Fedora Core.  The locations on the Web site should reflect this.  Here's
some initial thoughts, any of which might be wrong:  :-)

1. No directory should include the name "fedora," simply because it's

2. I'm not an Apache expert, but I'm pretty sure there is functionality
for redirecting client requests based on the browser's reported language
settings.  In other words, if a client asks for "index.html," and it
reports language "en," the server can deliver "index.en.html," or some
such.  Same for "ru," "ko," etc.  We should try to take advantage of
this with our current directory build names of "document-name-en,"
"document-name-ru," etc., and not separate this off into a folder
hierarchy of its own.

I could see this as a good way to organize:

      index.php ...

The only glitch I see is that moving directory names around is a CVS
nightmare, so the initial conversion will be ugly on the commits list.
Does anyone see other problems with this standard?  

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