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     Name: 	Stephen Davies
 Location:	Aldershot, Hampshire, UK
Profession:	Owner of IT Services/Consulting Company
  Company:     Ultra Consulting Ltd ( www.ultraconsulting.co.uk )

Expertise:	IT Professional since 1975. Got into Unix in mid 1980's(Ultrix-32 & then TRU64). First installed Linux (slackware 1.?) way back when. Company is involced in Middleware Consulting (Websphere etc). I have used RedHat since 6.2 and run FC3/4 & RHEL on a variety of systems including Laptops. IBM Websphere MQ & WMQI Certified RHCE/RCHT as well. I also did about 50% of an Oracle DBA sometime in the past.

I'm proficient in C/C++ Delphi/Kylix, SQL, shell scripting etc.

Where I want to help:
		Documentaion always lets down systems & solutions. I actually don't mind writing documentaion if it is going to be used rather than get ticks in a box. So helping make the documentation more applicable for commercial users can only help the acceptance of Linux in the commercial arena. Idiot proof installation & configuration guides seem to be quite popular at the moment.
To give you an example, If a company wants to run Oracle 9i, Websphere MQ and Websphere Message Broker on the same Linux box what do I need to install from the base RPMs. What additional RPMS are needed that are not included in the OS, what kernel tweaks are needed etc etc etc.

How Much time do I have to Offer?
This depends upon how bust the company is. If a contract comes along and its is worthwhile taking it then I'll do it. Between contracts then lots of time.

so, I'm open to offers.

Stephen Davies

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