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Re: fedora guide

On Sat, 2005-07-16 at 17:03 -0400, Paul W. Frields wrote:
> Yes, but I can't figure out why [t|s]he[y] didn't work with the existing
> fedorafaq.org, whose material a lot of this site duplicates.

	Actually, he offered to work with me a few times. :-) He's a nice guy,
definitely. I was extremely busy until recently, but I definitely want
to get with him and see if we can work anything out.

	You'll also notice that the style of the Fedora Guide (the written
style) is considerably different from fedorafaq.org -- I think the
target audience is different. I'm targeting brand-new, totally fresh
users, while the Guide is targeted more toward slightly knowledgeable
users who want to know how to do something.

	Also, the Guide goes into detail on some things that I haven't heard be
actual Frequently Asked Questions, but are still useful information to

	I like the Guide because it offers quick instructions on how to install
a lot of stuff. I like the FAQ because it offers clear, brief, and
detailed explanations for questions that users frequently ask.

	However, I'd definitely recommend that somebody get Seb on this
docs-list, if he isn't already. :-)

	Oh, and I believe that Seb is also helping Sindre ("foolish") on the
new http://www.fedorausers.org/ -- so perhaps a lot of the Guide
material will be there, too. I'm not sure if Sindre is actually ready to
announce fedorausers.org yet, but I thought that perhaps I'd point some
of you docs folks there in case you'd also like to help out on that

	The relationship between fedorausers and fedorafaq is that basically
fedorausers is a detailed knowledge base, and fedorafaq is a list of
Frequently Asked Questions with simple, highly-edited answers for
brand-new users.

Fedora is definitely part of the "everything" in Everything Solved.

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