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Minutes FDSCo 19-JUL-2005

We focused on publishing, but a few other things came up, especially
around bugzilla usage. :)

FDSCo 19 July 2005

#fedora-docs on irc.freenode.net

Paul Frields
Karsten Wade
Mark Johnson
Tammy Fox
Gavin Henry
Stuart Elliss


* Targeting FC4 SELinux FAQ publishing for next week, call for FAQs
  went out today.

* Ongoing work on publishing

* Updates to FC4 Release Notes published:

  revision 1.4
  date: 2005/07/19 23:10:39;  author: kwade;  state: Exp;  lines: +233
  Moving of legalnotice is an important part of this commit, fixed bz
  #162475, bz #162219, bz #160369, style and spelling fixes


Paul:  Resolve our few bugs with xmlformat by asking the developer for

Paul/Karsten: Draft and send announcement of xml normalization tools.

Paul: Create 'project tracking' bug tracker, have project bugs such as
      'docs ready for publishing', 'docs without ideas', and so forth
      block it.

Karsten: Ask for first draft in Wiki or structured text of a "Fedora
	 Screencasting HOWTO" from the Fedora Marketing interested.
	 It is more valuable as a living document in Wiki than being
	 hidden in FDP CVS while being written.

Karsten: Find out more about cross referencing between DocBook books.

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