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Re: Bugzilla suggestion

On Wed, 2005-07-20 at 11:25 -0400, Paul W. Frields wrote:
> I'd like to suggest an additional FDP component for Bugzilla -
> "website," which would cover publishing goofs, bad linkages, or other
> non-content driven bugs.  While it is true that this bug might capture
> entries from people that should go to separate docs, it's very easy to
> reassign based on a preliminary review of the bug.  Examples of bugs in
> this component might include:
> * An incorrect link on a doc index page (such as a missing link to the
> newest version of the relnotes)
> * Things that break as part of the web publishing process
> * Problems with content that is not provided out of docs CVS, such as
> original HTML from fedora CVS
> Arguments?  Agreements?

Sounds fine.  Separates this from infrastructure bugs, and as you say we
can sort it as needed.  Here is some more I worked up on the bugzilla

We need to fill out our bugzilla product a bit more.  Some ideas we
could add to our new bugzilla product:

* A full description.  How does this sound?

"For bugs against Fedora documentation, including release notes,
tutorials, and guides."

* Versions.  I can think of:

Does that cover it?  Yes, I think we need devel and testing versions,
since we produce docs that are either undergoing their own testing phase
or are tied directly to the FC testing phases.

* Paul already suggested a generic catch-all component for documentation
enhancements/requests not for a specific document: 'docs-request'.  Are
there any others?  The current list is:

  * desktop-up2date
  * developer-guide|
  * documentation-guide
  * docs-common
  * example-tutorial
  * install-guide
  * hardening
  * jargon-buster
  * mirror-tutorial
  * proxy-guide
  * release-notes
  * selinux-apache
  * selinux-faq
  * sudo-tutorial
  * toolchain-devel
  * translation-guide
  * translation-guide-windows
  * updates
  * usb-hotplug
  * xml-normalize
  * yum-software-management

* Yesterday we decided to have a master project tracking bug that is
blocked by the special project bugs, i.e., "doc ideas without writers",
"docs in progress, and "docs ready for publishing".  Any other ideas
along this line?

- Karsten
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