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Re: Bugzilla suggestion

On Wed, 2005-07-20 at 09:06 -0700, Karsten Wade wrote:
> We need to fill out our bugzilla product a bit more.  Some ideas we
> could add to our new bugzilla product:
> * A full description.  How does this sound?
> "For bugs against Fedora documentation, including release notes,
> tutorials, and guides."

The descriptions I entered for the new components did, in fact, transfer
into Bugzilla.  I don't know whether that means we can change them once
they're instituted.

> * Versions.  I can think of:
>   fc1
>   fc2
>   fc3
>   fc4
>   devel
>   test1
>   test2
>   test3
> Does that cover it?  Yes, I think we need devel and testing versions,
> since we produce docs that are either undergoing their own testing phase
> or are tied directly to the FC testing phases.

I don't have any problem with this, but I can then see the value in
threshing the bugs at the end of each test phase.  In other words, if we
have bugs filed against, say, FC5test1 release notes, they would need to
be moved to FC5test2 when that is released, and so on until FC5 makes
final, when we should inherit a "fc5" version, and any remaining bugs
would move to that version.

> * Paul already suggested a generic catch-all component for documentation
> enhancements/requests not for a specific document: 'docs-request'.  Are
> there any others?  The current list is:
>   * desktop-up2date
>   * developer-guide|
>   * documentation-guide
>   * docs-common
>   * example-tutorial
>   * install-guide
>   * hardening
>   * jargon-buster
>   * mirror-tutorial
>   * proxy-guide
>   * release-notes
>   * selinux-apache
>   * selinux-faq
>   * sudo-tutorial
>   * toolchain-devel
>   * translation-guide
>   * translation-guide-windows
>   * updates
>   * usb-hotplug
>   * xml-normalize
>   * yum-software-management
> * Yesterday we decided to have a master project tracking bug that is
> blocked by the special project bugs, i.e., "doc ideas without writers",
> "docs in progress, and "docs ready for publishing".  Any other ideas
> along this line?

You may want to refresh your owners.list -- the "project-tracking"
component is already out there, as well as "docs-requests".  I am
confused by making another tracking bug... wouldn't the list of trackers
in "project-tracking" suffice?  Or, rather, would being able to make a
single dependency tree of everything in "project-tracking" be

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