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Re: fedora guide

On Mon, 2005-07-18 at 15:12 -0400, Colin Charles wrote:

> Ok, dare I ask a) why another fedora site,

I don't think we can or should bring all things Fedora under the project

We rely upon the value these sites bring.  One value is that they have
been there, in some cases all along, where we have foundered.  Not only
would it be not-fair to assimilate them, they have name recognition that
we didn't earn.

Another value is in being able to more freely discuss some topics.

For example, in Fedora Documentation, we focus only on software you can
get in Core or Extras.  However, those aren't the only solutions out
there.  These sites are free to recommend any software and method that
solves the problem.  We'd have to expand our scope by a huge amount, and
dilute the value of our Fedora-only documentation, to bring these sites
under the Fedora Documentation umbrella.  We have enough work as-is with
the current scope, thankyouverymuch. :)

Another example is the typical one, all of the non-free/potentially
patent-infringing discussions.

> c) can we work together as there are others
> trying to do this with the existing resources (read archives of f-m-l)

This is the vision I have and have been trying to build:

* Third-party (3-p) Fedora sites are part of the f-marketing-l and f-
docs-l, to help coordinate and keep informed on what is going on with
similar efforts within Fedora.

* 3-p sites coordinate together through a mechanism of their choice,
some of which are in the works.  These mechanisms are made freely
available to Fedora Project members who want to monitor or contribute.

* We run parallel collaboration, so the 3-p sites fill in the gaps we
cannot, in a manner we will not.

- Karsten
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