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Re: Odd Behavior with Fedora Entity

On Thu, 2005-07-28 at 11:26 -0500, Thomas Jones wrote:
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> I was reviewing the entities in the current --- fedora-entities-en.ent. And 
> noticed a rather peculiar behavior. One which I assume was expected to behave 
> in a different fashion.
> It has to do with: LEGALNOTICE-RELNOTES

This entity is intended to be used for the release notes only,
especially when printing no-chunks HTML.  It's purpose is to leave the
semantic <legalnotice> entity with meaningful content, but to move most
of the text out of the way.  Otherwise, in no-chunks output the
legalnotice is predominant and distracting.

You want to use the traditional LEGALNOTICE, which calls in docs-
common/common/legalnotice-en.xml.  Within that file is called
LEGALNOTICE-CONTENT.  There is your actual license et al.

> Now I put this entity in my bookinfo/articleinfo element.  Anyways, upon 
> building the source, the xml processor is directed to generate a link labeled 
> "Legal Notice". This in effect generates a seperate page entirely with the 
> content of the LEGALNOTICE-RELNOTES entity and it is pointed to from this 
> link. This page is entirely blank minus the content of the entity. No header 
> or footer etc.... No good.

When LEGALNOTICE-RELNOTES is used, the <legalnotice /> appears where the
element may be used in DocBook.  The content is minimal, and it points
at a <section> that exists otherwise.  In that <section>, the entity

I should probably rename -RELNOTES to LEGALNOTICE-NOCHUNKS, as its main
purpose is when doing a no-chunks HTML build.

hth - Karsten
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