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CSS for HTML output

Pursuant to the following bug:


...I made some changes to the CSS in the Docs Project CVS.  Rahul was
looking (correctly, Karsten and I think) for a look that would
differentiate our docs from Red Hat's.  Most of our style sheet comes
from the one that Red Hat uses, in particular the coloration of headings
and admonitions.

I moved the headings to a blue color taken directly from the Fedora web
site CSS (the sidebar, to be more specific), and for the admonition
boxes, I came up with a yellow that is hopefully attention-getting
without being garish.  I left the coloration of screen sections alone
since there wasn't a clear reason to change it.  Refer to a mock-up here
to avoid having to build anything yourself:


If I can speak for Karsten, pursuant to a conversation we had today, we
would like to know what people think about adopting this CSS for DocBook
generated pages on the fedora.redhat.com web site.

Paul W. Frields, RHCE                          http://paul.frields.org/
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