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new project leader

Hi everyone,

Thanks to everyone who has helped with the Fedora docs project. After a
slow start, I think we are steadily gaining momentum.

>From the Red Hat side, Karsten Wade has really stepped up and
demonstrated leadership potential. So much potential in fact, that I
have decided to turn over leadership of the project to him. Most
projects change leadership once a year or more, and I think this is a
great idea for our project as well. In the future, the project leader
will change on a yearly basis, if not sooner. 

I will take more of a technical perspective, offering editing assistance
and programming skills should any of our custom DocBook scripts and
stylesheets need updating or modifications.

In the next few weeks, Karsten will put together a steering committee
for the Fedora docs. The committee will meet on a regular basis to
discuss tasks that need to be done to move the project forward. Expect
to hear more about it from him shortly.


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