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Submitted Document Bugid: 156771

Hello all,

As per a recent conversation, I have generated a patch for the general
entity file --- fedora-entities-en.xml.


There were a great many changes that I have made. Not all may be
accepted into CVS; but I believe that these changes provide good value
to the project.

As you review the changes, please keep the following "open" issues in mind:
- this file is incorrectly identified as xml. When in fact, it does not
contain any XML markup at all. Just a thought. In keeping with
standardization, it should be something like en.fedora.dbgenent.ent.
But, thats just personal preference. ;)

- if the "bluecurve" entity is accepted; does the <interfacedefinition/>
element suffice as the parent node with its expected context?

- if the "rpm" entity is accepted; what is its legal status? registered
or trademark?

- i neglected to utilize the common ISO entity declarations for
readability. New authors find it difficult to read if utilized; yet
translators probably need the ISO declarations. I prefer ISO --- but
then again i am weird. ;)

Hopefully, this will help.

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