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Minutes from FDSCo (03-May-2005)

## For those wondering what is happening in the Documentation Project:

Fedora Documentation Steering Committee (FDSCo)
03-MAY-2005 #fedora-docs on irc.freenode.net


Karsten Wade (chair)
Tommy Reynolds
Tammy Fox
Gavin Henry
Paul Frields
Stuart Ellis

New Actions:

FDSCo: Find ways to get fame to documentors.  Name up in lights.  Etc.

FDSCo: You can post a link to your own self-intro or similar on your
       Wiki page.

FDSCo: Take the divided list of writers who have volunteered and
       contact them directly to see what help they need, or what their
       status and interest is.

Gavin: To make a Wiki Contributors page that incorporates the Writers
       and Editors pages somehow, linking to Self-Intros.  This is
       part of the "find the interested writers" sub-project.

Gavin: Hunt fedoraforum.org for doc ideas and writers.

Gavin: To look into getting a FDSCo interview on lugradio.org.

Paul/Karsten: FDL for the new style chapter

Karsten: Assign task of making docs use common files in ./ instead of
         ../, in order to work for separate modules per document.

Karsten: Deliver minutes that are better organized, using the FESCO
         minutes as an example.  Will start posting to fedora-announce
         as well as fedora-docs-list.

Karsten: Look into reordering CVS to make all documents in fedora-docs
         module into separate modules.

Tommy: Convert tasks into a schedule, split out goals, borrowing from
       Extras template.

Tammy: How to create a new CVS module, for the Doc Guide.

Tammy: Look into ViewCVS.  One objective is to get regular reports of
       activity on documentation, in order to help define abandoned

Tammy: Looking into sponsorship of Doc Days and similar incentives for
       community participation.

Action Status:

* New writers will find this page very useful in getting started:


* Details on gaining CVS access are available at:


* Stuart has made signficant progress on tracking the status of all
  documents ever proposed or in the works, pulling together
  information from disparate locations.


* Paul and Karsten have the first iteration of the style guidelines
  put into the Doc Guide.  These are required reading for writers and
  editors to be able to work together.


* Karsten announced the style changes and noted they are required
  reading for writers and editors.

* CVS is available at /cvs/docs for all documentation projects.

Discussion Results:

IDEA: A Docs Day, contest/competition with booty/prizes, for example,
      Bug Bounty.

NOTE: CVS: Separate module for all docs, makes it easier to check out.

NOTE: Wiki is acting as a work-in-progress area to make process and
      info available immediately.  Eventually, all of this will be in
      the Doc Guide.

NOTE: If ViewCVS doesn't provide the reporting we need to track
      documentation activity, we can look into scraping
      fedora-docs-commits into a Wiki.  Objective is to use existing
      tools to capture document status instead of having another Wiki
      page for everyone to keep updated.

NOTE: A layout/outline using blank XML pages is considered enough to
      get into CVS with.

NOTE: Snot is considered off-topic.

NOTE: It's nice to have a list of closed and accomplished tasks.

Karsten Wade, RHCE * Sr. Tech Writer * http://people.redhat.com/kwade/
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