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Re: Are Fedora docs readable?

On Tue, 10 May 2005 04:57:31 -0700, "Karsten Wade" <kwade redhat com>
> > I think we should consider requiring documentation to include a
> > prominent link in the DTD comments that points people to a "how to build
> > this document" spot on f.r.c.  Anyone care to comment?
> We might want to make it a part of the template for the standard
> introduction/about this document section.  Putting it in the XML would
> be a nice thing to do, too.
> We can also put a link to the canonical location in the Documentation
> Guide.  This would appear in the legalnotice-*.xml alongside the URL to
> the GFDL.

Perhaps just pop a README in CVS ?

I think that main issue is with raw source files, as HTML and PDF
versions have already been built (by definition).

Stuart Ellis

stuart elsn org

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