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Re: Self-Introduction: Max Kanat-Alexander

On Tue, 2005-05-10 at 16:43 -0700, Karsten Wade wrote:
> Welcome!  And thanks for the being the Man-About-FAQs.

	Hey, thanks! And you're welcome. :-)

> Have you read the list archives where we discussed the Fedora FAQ?
> https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-docs-list/2005-April/msg00137.html

	Oh, I hadn't, but I have now! :-D I'd heard that there was such a
discussion, actually -- it was part of my impetus for joining the list.

	(Also, I'd just like to say that it's nice to be on a list where I can
say things like "impetus" and expect that at least 85% of the audience
will know what I'm talking about. And the other 15% of us can do "dict
impetus," or pretend like we know what the word means.)

> Bottom line so far (but please read the threads anyway):  We love your
> work, we want to support it, we're not sure the best way to support is
> is to absorb the Fedora FAQ in anyway into the FDP, and as you know we
> can't absorb it as-is, but a 98% subset could.

	Yeah, I had always expected that. I seem to recall a really early
conversation that I had with Alan or Warren or somebody like that about
this, that RH couldn't link to me. I'm totally OK with that. :-)

	Actually, I'm sort of happy about it. I really like being in control of
the content on fedorafaq.org. It's been good for me, it's been good for
users -- I think everybody's happy. :-)

> Bottom line^2 -- since we _can't_ provide the service that fedorafaq.org
> provides, we would be doing a disservice to Fedora users if we directed
> any Googlejuice in this direction.  Which is not likely, but still ...

	Yeah, that's a shame, really. :-) Of course, I'm still in the first ten
results for "fedora" at the moment, so I think I'm OK.

> So, I do hope we convince you to work on something.  Interested in a
> beat for the release notes? ;-)

	Aaaaaarrrrrrr. I knew that I would show up and then somebody was going
to ask me to *do* something. :-D

	Frankly, though I almost never run an FC test release nowadays -- I
pretty much rely on Sindre (my assistant editor) to do that, and then he
tells me what's up in the first few weeks of a new release. :-) So I
have *no idea* what's up with FC4. :-D

	I'll tell him to get on the list if he isn't already, though, and see
if he wants to do anything.

	I dunnow, though... is there a comic relief section? I'm in a pretty
good mood...

	"Known Issues: Some users are known to come into #fedora and ask vague
questions about strange things. We haven't yet determined the source of
this issue, but we have a team of engineers investigating it, and expect
to have it resolved by 2007.

	"Also, some of us could use girlfriends. Or boyfriends. Feel free to
apply through Bugzilla, in the 'we have issues' component."

Fedora is definitely part of the "everything" in Everything Solved.

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