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Re: Fedora websites mailing list and Wiki ownership

On Mon, 2005-10-31 at 21:53 +0000, Stuart Ellis wrote:

> I think that different types of content require different arrangements,
> and the same considerations probably apply whatever the technology (Wiki
> or static pages).
> Pages with certain kinds of content need to be carefully maintained, and
> may need more stringent change control than is usual. Material like:
> - Legal and policy statements
> - Project admin, e.g. schedules
> - Download pages (with URLs and checksums)
> - "Shop-front" pages, like the front page and FAQ, intended to be seen
> by the new and unwary
> For other stuff, it may be best to let people get on and produce
> whatever they need. Having one person per category to act as a
> maintainer, moderator and point of contact is probably enough.

This sounds like a reasonable compromise of control, applying more where
it is needed, less where it gets in the way.

> FWIW, I really like Patrick's idea of having of a mailing list for
> official and third-party Website maintainers to get together.

I have request fedora-websites-list and will announce it here when it is
ready.  A post to fedora-announce also seems in order.

- Karsten
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