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minutes 1 Nov 2005 FDSCo meeting

Mark Johnson (mrj)
Paul Frields (stickster)
Stuart Elliss (elliss)
Gavin Henry (G2)
Tommy Reyonlds (MegaCoder)
Karsten Wade (quaid)

Tammy Fox (temporary leave-of-absence)

Schedule of Tasks:


* Reaffirmation of FDSCo membership requirements/details.  Members are
active when they can be involved in Fedora enough to make intelligent
decisions as a committee member.  When they cannot perform that duty,
they are obligated to move themselves to inactive status.  The committee
should never have to tell someone to leave, except in extreme

* The formation of the Fedora Foundation is going to be a good
opportunity for FDSCo to review it's organization.  This is a good time
to morph the shape, form more sub-committees, etc.

* Reorganizing the beats in this way:
   FileSystems -> Kernel/FileSystems
   DatabaseServers -> NetworkServers/DatabaseServers
   Networking -> Kernel/Networking
   ServerTools -> SystemConfigTools
   EmergingTechnologies (new)
   NetworkServers (new) -- covers mail, ftp, etc.

* Bob Jensen is now the Xorg beat writer.  Sweet!

* Slip of Fedora schedule does not affect writing, editing, or
translating.  We are getting a few weeks ahead of our work and have
tested our tools and processes.  No work is lost.  However, some of us
may have been under pressure to produce within the deadline.  Sorry if
you lost any sleep, like I did!

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