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Self-Introduction: Andrew Martynov

Full Name: Andrew Martynov
City & Country: Moscow, Russian Federation (GMT+0300)
Profession: Trainer, Support Engineer
Company: Inventa

Your goals in the Fedora Project: 
 - translation of Docs of Fedora Project into Russian language

Historical qualifications:
 - maintainer of FC translation project into Russian
 - paticipant of translation RHEL manuals at www.rhd.ru/docs/

Computer skills:
 - linux user since 1999
 - RHCE/RHCX certifications

GPG KeyID and fingerprint:
pub  1024D/30E45693 2005-03-18 Andrew Martynov <andrewm inventa ru>
     Key fingerprint = 0AF4 0070 E8A7 8C14 F9E0  97D9 320E 10AB 30E4 5693
sub  2048g/37A9C84D 2005-03-18 [expires: 2010-03-17]

Other Details:
fedoraproject.org wiki username: AndrewMartynov
contact e-mail: andrewm inventa ru
Andrew Martynov

phone +7(095)7758777
fax   +7(095)9270981
andrewm inventa ru

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