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Draft RPM Guide available online

I'm very pleased to announce that the Red Hat RPM Guide has been made
available under the Open Publication Licence, Version 1.0.


This is much more recent than Maximum RPM and gives a good starting
point to work towards living documentation for RPM.  Although some
sections - notably Chapter 7 requires a complete rewrite.  However I
wanted to get it out in it's current form (basically as published plus

I'd like to thank Eric Foster-Johnson, all those involved in the
original formation of the Guide (particularly Jeff Johnson) and Tammy
Fox and those at the publishers for helping to make this happen.  Also
thanks to the Fedora Docs team in particular Stuart Ellis and Karsten
Wade for their conversion and push efforts

Participation through normal Fedora Documentation process:


I'll be attempting to form a team to help edit/update content.  If you
want to help please follow up to fedora-docs-list.


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