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Re: figure title centering

Uttered Yoshinari Takaoka <mumumu mumumu org>, spake thus:

> i found that a figure title of the installation guide is not centering, this 
> is the same as original one. for example,
> http://fedora.redhat.com/docs/fedora-install-guide-en/fc4/ch-other-install-methods.html#sn-installer-tcpip
> IMHO, its title should be also centering because figure is centering.
> this is because text alignment of a figure title is undefined in fedora.css.
> but its a docs-common file and its change affects to all document. 
> can i modify fedora.css as follows, or is there an another solution?

As I Understand It:

The stylesheet for your example is not "fedora.css", but another
owned by the project, so changing "docs-common" will not accomplish
what you want.

The files in "docs-common/" are not intended to be the final
rendering solution -- just good enough that we can see that the XML
is reasonable.  Different stylesheets are used for production
document releases.

Maybe we need a FAQ point about this.


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