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Re: Self-Introduction: David-Paul Niner

Karsten Wade wrote:
> On Wed, 2005-11-02 at 14:26 -0500, David-Paul Niner wrote:
>>  I'm now ready to give back in some way if 
>>anyone is interested!
> We're interested, welcome.
> Nice example of the narrative self-intro, btw.  Good enough to prove you
> can write. ;-)
> - Karsten

I've been trying for a while to return my signed Contributor License
Agreement, but each time I attempt to send it off I receive a scripted
reject message back.    The message states something to the effect of
"Signature Invalid" and contains a link to a page about creating a new
gpg key.

For grins, I revoked my existing key and created a new one (no big loss
here as I don't know if I've ever used it).   I then updated my profile
to include my new public key and re-requested a blank CLA form.  I then
re-signed, re-attached, and re-sent, and...the reject messages keep coming.

My primary mail client is Thunderbird 1.07 w/ the Enigmail 0.93.0
extension installed for GPG support, although I've tried straight web
mail (Squirrelmail) as well, and my outgoing postfix box is not doing
any sort of scanning so the message should be going out uncorrupted.
I've tried signing the message itself as well as signing the entire
thing (message+attachment).

If anyone has ever run into the situation before I would greatly
appreciate knowing how they managed to get their returned CLA accepted.
   Specifically, I'd be very interested in knowing which email client
they were using...

Thanks much.

David-Paul Niner, RHCE
Orange Park, Florida, United States
GPG Key ID: 0x106B54E3

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