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Re: Self-Introduction: David-Paul Niner

David-Paul Niner wrote:
> Karsten Wade wrote:
>>On Wed, 2005-11-02 at 14:26 -0500, David-Paul Niner wrote:
>>> I'm now ready to give back in some way if 
>>>anyone is interested!
>>We're interested, welcome.
>>Nice example of the narrative self-intro, btw.  Good enough to prove you
>>can write. ;-)
>>- Karsten
> I've been trying for a while to return my signed Contributor License
> Agreement, but each time I attempt to send it off I receive a scripted
> reject message back.    The message states something to the effect of
> "Signature Invalid" and contains a link to a page about creating a new
> gpg key.
> For grins, I revoked my existing key and created a new one (no big loss
> here as I don't know if I've ever used it).   I then updated my profile
> to include my new public key and re-requested a blank CLA form.  I then
> re-signed, re-attached, and re-sent, and...the reject messages keep coming.
> My primary mail client is Thunderbird 1.07 w/ the Enigmail 0.93.0
> extension installed for GPG support, although I've tried straight web
> mail (Squirrelmail) as well, and my outgoing postfix box is not doing
> any sort of scanning so the message should be going out uncorrupted.
> I've tried signing the message itself as well as signing the entire
> thing (message+attachment).
> If anyone has ever run into the situation before I would greatly
> appreciate knowing how they managed to get their returned CLA accepted.
>    Specifically, I'd be very interested in knowing which email client
> they were using...
> Thanks much.

Well, when I read my own reply I saw the MailScanner signature at the
bottom and figured out what was going on:  Turns out I inadvertently set
my internal DNS to reflect a higher mx record that my scanning server,
so it was being handed off...anyway, we'll see if that doesn't solve the

Sorry, folks!


David-Paul Niner, RHCE
Orange Park, Florida, United States
GPG Key ID: 0x106B54E3

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