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Re: Self-Introduction: David-Paul Niner

Karsten Wade wrote:
> On Fri, 2005-11-04 at 00:03 -0500, David-Paul Niner wrote:
>>Well, still no love -- just did a re-send and it bounced right back.
>>Any suggestions at this point would be greatly appreciated.
> One common problem we've seen is having the email address you are
> registering with and/or sending from not having a GPG uid.  I already
> discarded the earlier parts of this thread, so I don't have an example
> GPG key of yours to check, but here is mine for example:
> pub   1024D/AD0E0C41 2003-11-26
>       Key fingerprint = 2680 DBFD D968 3141 0115  5F1B D992 0E06 AD0E
> 0C41
> uid                  Karsten G. Wade (quaid|phig)
> <karsten karstenwade com>
> uid                  Karsten Wade <kwade redhat com>
> sub   1024g/C07806E8 2003-11-26
> The second uid for kwade redhat com was necessary before I could use
> this GPG key for the CLA process.  Otherwise, it got kicked back as
> invalid.
> Still, though, I'd figure the account you were sending from may not
> matter, since it's not a signed email being looked for but rather a
> signed CLA attached to an email.  Hmmm ...
> This page has our collected knowledge so far:
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DocsProject/UsingGpg
> I'll be in #fedora-docs on irc.freenode.net early on Friday, if you come
> by you can also email me a copy of the signed CLA and I can see if I
> have any problems decrypting it with your public key.
> G'luck - Karsten

Here's my fingerprint, FWIW:

pub   1024D/106B54E3 2005-11-03
      Key fingerprint = 42D5 1ED2 56F9 385D 981A  AEFF 663E 1E3B 106B 54E3
uid                  David-Paul Niner (created 2005-11-03)
<dpniner dpniner net>sub   2048g/05342A6A 2005-11-03


I could add any number of email aliases to see if that helps; I own and
manage that domain.

For more grins I just re-emailed the same signed file from Evolution.
It will be interesting to see if moving to another email clients solves
the issue.   I've seen some clients do odd things to messages.

If I can't get it resolved in the next five minutes (I'm fairly tired)
then I'll drop by tomorrow.  I'll scour over the docs you referenced first.


David-Paul Niner, RHCE
Orange Park, Florida, United States
GPG Key ID: 0x106B54E3

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