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Question about RPM packaging.

Fellow Doc'ers,

As I continue to think about RPM packaging for the FDP world, another
question arose.  I noticed in several other *.desktop files that the
package name is specified like this:

Name[en] = Example Tutorial
Name[de] = Beispiel Tutorial*

and so on.  My idea here is to use another "Makefile" macro for this,
so that individual translators can add the title when they add the
translated files.  Something like:

DOCNAME-en=Example Tutorial
DOCNAME-de=Beispiel Tutorial*

and on and on.  Can someone who is more fluent in a non-Romance
language do a quick test to see if make(1) can handle the unicode
characters properly?  A two-line "Makefile" would be sufficient:

	echo '________________________'

where all the underbars should be replaced by some unicode
characters.  Then, a quick:

$ make

should show the original characters.

Please let me know your results.


* N.B.:
I got this translation from bablefish.  Apologies if it is something

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