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[Fwd: Fedora general improvements input survey invitation]

For those who might not have seen this ...

Please participate.  Surveys like this can be very valuable.

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> Subject: Fedora general improvements input survey invitation
> Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 21:23:25 -0500
> The Fedora Core team invites you to participate in a survey to help 
> identify the major ways in which Fedora can be improved for the benefit 
> of the community.  The survey consists of 10 questions involving Fedora 
> Core and Fedora Extras.  We are greatly interested in your views and 
> hope you can share your thoughts with us.  The survey is available at:
> http://www.keysurvey.com/survey/85928/1078/
> The survey is enabled now and will remain open for input until 
> Wednesday, November 30.
> Thanks in advance for helping us to make Fedora better for all 
> involved.  Upon conclusion of the survey, a summary of the results will 
> be shared.
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