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Re: Advise on Fedora RPM's

On Sun, 2005-11-20 at 18:21 -0600, Tommy Reynolds wrote:
> Uttered "Paul W. Frields" <stickster gmail com>, spake thus:
> > > I can't find precedent for this approach, though.  Can you point to
> > > a package set using the "foo-<lang>-*" template?
> > Ahh, yes.  See e.g. koffice-langpack-* in Extras I think.  I haven't
> > looked at the SRPM yet.
> NOT COUNTING KDE!! I'm kidding.  Maybe that should be "I'm kdeing" ;-)
> > > About the "Documentation/<lang>" groups, I don't know.  I'm intrigued
> > > though, so I'll look at the anaconda stuff to see what needs to be
> > > done.
> > I thought this was underway in Anaconda, but doesn't even that revolve
> > around comps?
> Dunno.  I'm looking.
> > > I don't consider having the author team maintain one overhead file for
> > > RPM generation much of a burden.
> > Agreed there.  I think it would be cool if we simply required one extra
> > file, an XML one based on the DTD you provided.  All authors and
> > translators could update that, and everything needed to press the spec,
> > OMF, .desktop, etc. would come out of that file at build time.
> If you can send me the prototype OMF, et.al., I may find time to
> produce some XSL stylesheets to do the necessary transformation from
> the funky XML info file into an OMF or a SPEC and be able to eschew
> any additions to Fedora Extras.

You'll find the prototype OMF in docs-common/packaging,  It is ugly in
that it only really works for "en" $LANG.  What you'll find is that OMFs
are separately constructed for each locale and placed
in /usr/share/omf/<doc_or_prog_name>,
e.g. /usr/share/omf/gcalctool/gcalctool-it.omf -- the "C" locale is used
for en.  (That goes for at least en.UTF-8, maybe other sub-locales -- or
whatever you call them, I'm out of my depth there.)

The OMF standard is discussed
in /usr/share/scrollkeeper/doc/writing_scrollkeeper_omf_files/C/writing_scrollkeeper_omf_files.xml if you want to take a look at the real authoritative stuff -- or in GNOME, just launch Desktop -> Help -> Writing Scrollkeeper OMF Files.

(Just a side note:  One thing we *definitely* want is for all official
FDP docs to be in the General|Linux|Distributions|Other category, since
that will put them on the front "Help" page where people find them
quickly.  You'll see that in the example in docs-common/packaging/.)

If you run "make rpm" in the docs-common/ module, you'll get my first
cut at what a fedora-doc-common RPM would look like.  Notice it includes
things like a .menu file for the /etc/xdg/ tree so that later docs will
show up on the Applications -> Documentation menu as well as yelp,
khelpcenter, or anywhere else we decide.  The .desktop files are set up
to allow such a thing.  Let me know if there's anything there that looks

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