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CMS use cases

Seth asked for some use cases that show what a content management system
(CMS) can do.  I wanted to run them by this group, see what your ideas

What would the CMS do?  Manage content for Fedora sites.
fedoraproject.org, primarily.

There are multiple roles:

* Editor - logs into a workbench with entire work queue visible:
  - Can approve content or push it back for further writing/edits
    - If configured, cannot edit the document, can only push forward or
  - Push to publish
    - Directly to Web, or enables an autobuild of some kind, or pushes
to a higher level publisher

* Writer
  - Write content from scratch or amalgamate
    - Can use built-in CMS editing functionality, attach a document of
some kind, or check into CVS and point at that as content submission.
  - May modify a work when it is pushed back from an editor.
  - Modification of published work generates a new workflow, requiring
the same level of approval as previously
  - If configured, may retire or set expiration date for own content.
  - When ready, can push own content to editor

* Lead Writer
  - As above for Writer, can also be injected into the workflow for a
pre-approval/denial step prior to pushing to Editor.
  - Can act upon any content from project they lead as if the sole
writer, that is, can modify into the workflow, set expiration, etc.

* Publisher/Editor-in-chief
  - Final approver for sensitive content (legal, special marketing)
  - May have ability to directly edit content, depending on usage model.

* Content Manager
  - Looks for content to retire or revitalize
    - Can immediately retire or set expiration date
    - Can dig up old content and push it for a rewrite
      - Lands in appropriate writer queue

That's what I've got off the top of my head.

Thanks - Karsten
Karsten Wade, RHCE * Sr. Tech Writer * http://people.redhat.com/kwade/
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