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Re: [RFC] Packaging technology update

More thoughts on the packaging work Tommy did...

- Version numbers must be sane for revisionhistory entries.  In the
install-guide there was a 1.0rc1 followed by 1.0, which is decidedly
*not* sane.  (Ever the lemming, I then followed suit with 1.01rc1, which
I have since eliminated in favor of 1.0.1 and followed by 1.0.2.)  In
the future, no alphabetics should be used.  Runup to a X.0 should be
$(X-1).9.9 or something similar.  Remember that in RPM packaging terms,
IIRC, 0.99 > 0.12 > 0.9.9, so we should probably eliminate any weirdness
with double-digit numbering.  Using x.y.z where both y and z are less
than 10 is probably the right way to do things.  If you need something
even more minor, just make it x.y.z.n instead.

- I made just a couple cosmetic changes to spec.xsl to be consistent
with FE guidelines.

- I wonder if it would be wise to have a change to the DTD which offers
a 'release' in addition to 'version' for a 'revision', such that:

  <revision date="Sat Nov 25 2005" version="0.1.3" release="1">

would be allowed.  The latest release number would be the thing that
appears in the %release tag.  The 'release' element that falls directly
inside 'rpm-info' would be eliminated.  There is always a chance that
things have to be repackaged because an OMF or .desktop file is updated
-- or even the spec template -- but not the doc content, which calls for
a release bump, not a version bump.  Is such a thing possible, Tommy?

Just some quick ideas...  I'm not really conversant with a lot of XSLT
stuff so I may piddle around with this, but not expecting great things
as a result. ;-)

Paul W. Frields, RHCE                          http://paul.frields.org/
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