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Re: [RFC] Packaging technology update

Uttered "Paul W. Frields" <stickster gmail com>, spake thus:

> - I wonder if it would be wise to have a change to the DTD which offers
> a 'release' in addition to 'version' for a 'revision', such that:
>   <revision date="Sat Nov 25 2005" version="0.1.3" release="1">
> would be allowed.  The latest release number would be the thing that
> appears in the %release tag.  The 'release' element that falls directly
> inside 'rpm-info' would be eliminated.  There is always a chance that
> things have to be repackaged because an OMF or .desktop file is updated
> -- or even the spec template -- but not the doc content, which calls for
> a release bump, not a version bump.  Is such a thing possible, Tommy?

My thought was that the /rpm-info/release value would represent the
RPM packaging release cycle.  The <revision> components of the
<changelog> would generate both the RPM %changelog and the DocBook
revision log.

Hm.. would a "role='rpm'" attribute on the <changelog>/<revision>
element suffice?  I could then just skip that entry when building the
DocBook history.
> Just some quick ideas...  I'm not really conversant with a lot of XSLT
> stuff so I may piddle around with this, but not expecting great things
> as a result. ;-)

Neither am I, but if you can help get the prototype SPEC, OMF, et.
al., files right I think I can mangle the XSLT stuff enough to get


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