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Re: [RFC] Packaging technology update

On Sun, 2005-11-27 at 15:17 -0600, Tommy Reynolds wrote:
> Uttered "Paul W. Frields" <stickster gmail com>, spake thus:
> > Maybe valid XML would be easier. :-D  Should read:
> > <changelog>
> >   <docrevision>
> >     <date>2005-11-20</date>
> >     <authorinitials>PWF</authorinitials>
> >     <details>Some guff here</details>
> >   </docrevision>
> >   <pkgrevision>
> >     <date>Sat Nov 26 2005</date>
> >     <packager>
> >       <name>Paul W. Frields</name>
> >       <email>stickster at gmail</email>
> >       <details>Fixed OMF</details>
> >       <details>Did something else important</details>
> >     </packager>
> >   </pkgrevision>
> > </changelog>
> I don't really like this <docrevision> / <pkgrevision> stuff.  The
> "role=doc" or "role=rpm" more succinctly captures the reason for a
> particular change having been made.  I hope this is not a NIH issue,
> but having frobbed around with the XSLT stylesheets a bit, I think I
> like my approach better.

I'm not opposed to it, just wanted to float some ideas.  I'm OK with the
role attribute too... It would be nice, though, to *not* have to enter
all the extraneous name info in contexts where it won't be used.  For
example, doc revisions only need the person's initials to generate a
revision entry, where RPM revisions need the person's full name and
email.  (BTW, generating the full name from the firstname and surname
doesn't work for some people, like me for instance.)

> How about we keep the CVS versions of the DTD and XSLT stylesheets in sync?

Sure, as I noted in previous posts, I was just experimenting to see if I
understood DTDs well enough to make changes to this one and write a new
rpm-info.xml against it.  Experiment successful, now I can roll back to
the previous version, no problem, and move on from there.  I do want to
actually move the content out of attributes and into elements where it
seems more in keeping with standard XML usage, but I'll update the XSLT
as needed to do that.

What do you think about simply making the various pieces of <author>
optional so that they can be used as necessary?  Or is there a way to
make subelements dependent on the parent element's attribute?  I am
still reading up on that... In the meantime I've reverted the
aforementioned files.

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