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Docs packaging and Yelp

I'm on fedora-docs-list, but I'm afraid I can't usually manage
to stay current with it.  So my apologies for coming back to
this discussion late in the game.  I am one of the maintainers
of Yelp, Gnome's help browser.

It's my understanding that Matthias Clasen has patched Yelp
to display some of the Fedora documentation on the front page.
There was a lot of talk in threads on this list about how to
manage things with upstream.

Currently, we have a situation where at least Ubuntu and Fedora
are both patching Yelp in different ways to accomplish the same
thing, which rather sucks.  Ubuntu did contact me about this,
but we were unable to work something out in the time-frame they
needed, so they ended up doing their own hack.  One reason we
had problems is that I wasn't sure how best to make this work
for all downstream distributors.

Just as a point of reference, in the future, when there's some
question as to how to coordinate things with upstream, you might
consider actually contacting the upstream developers.

I know how Ubuntu changed Yelp.  And my understanding is that
Fedora is just putting General|Linux|Distributions|Other on the
front page.  I assume this was done by changing scrollkeeper.xml
slightly.  Could somebody send me the patch?  With a clear idea
of how both Ubuntu and Fedora have done this, we should be able
to produce a better upstream method in 2.14 or 2.16.

// Shaun

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