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Draft document rendering

Hi, folks!

We have repeatedly had confusion about the HTML (and PDF?) formatting
produced by our current "css/fedora.css" stylesheet.  It is important
to realize that any local rendering has *no official status".  In
particular, the Fedora project (or anyone else for that matter) can
and will choose their own stylesheet settings.

To that end, I've changed the default CSS stylesheet from
"fedora.css" to "fedora-draft.css".  This new stylesheet uses the
background image "docs-common/images/watermark.png" to place the text
"DRAFT / NOT FOR REFERENCE" diagonally across each HTML page.

Each of you will need to update your "docs-common/" directory to pick
up the new files.  There is a new directory "docs-common/images".
You may need to:

	$ cd docs-common
	$ cvs update -d

to pick up the new directory.

There is also a new shell script "docs-common/bin/use-prod-css" that
will change the CSS file used by the rendered HTML document.  At the
moment there is no way to automatically generate the
"production-looking" release.  More on that later.


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