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Minutes of FDSCo Meeting 29 Nov 2005


Karsten Wade (quaid)
Tommy Reynolds (megacoder)
Paul Frields (stickster)
Gavin Henry (G2)
Stuart Ellis (elliss)


Tammy Fox (tcf) - leave of absence

Schedule of Tasks:



* Tommy: Documents built from CVS will now automatically be marked with
a "draft" watermark. For details, see the e-mail to fedora-docs-list:


A new make option will be added to build documents for public

* Paul: xmlstarlet has now been added to Fedora Extras for both Fedora
Core 3 and Fedora Core 4, to assist packaging work. This tool enables
you to perform arbitrary queries against an XML file. To install it:

 su -c 'yum install xmlstarlet'

* Karsten: The SELinux FAQ needs a new maintainer to revise and update
it for Fedora Core 5. An e-mail has been sent to fedora-selinux-list:


The current version of the FAQ is here:


Full IRC Log:



Stuart Ellis

stuart elsn org

Fedora Documentation Project: http://fedora.redhat.com/projects/docs/

GPG key ID: 7098ABEA
GPG key fingerprint: 68B0 E291 FB19 C845 E60E  9569 292E E365 7098 ABEA

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