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{RFC] XSLT for draft watermarking?

Both <book> and <article> in DocBook support a CDATA attribute called
"status".  (I.e., <book status="published"> or something like that.)
Does this mean we could have XSLT do the work of deciding which
stylesheet to use, without having to have a new "make" target?  When the
work is approved, the author or editor can add this attribute to the top
of their doc, and the next build fixes the make.  If you want to dream
really big like Karsten, then think of that status attribute being
manipulated by a XML/XSLT capable shell script that is part of a Larger
Automated Process.  For example, when the doc is published, it gets
branched and the branch gets the status="published" tag, whereas HEAD
keeps the default draft.

Is this possible?

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