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Re: {RFC] XSLT for draft watermarking?

On Wed, 2005-11-30 at 11:41 -0600, Tommy Reynolds wrote:

> Documents built locally from CVS can never be "production" because
> they are not official copies.  To emphasis this, we now have a
> watermark indicating its draft status.
> Documents obtained from DocsRawHide can never be "production" and
> need to be watermarked as draft.

> We really need only one CSS stylesheet in the docs CVS: the
> fedora-draft.css file, and we have that.
> Any official-looking document renderings should come from whom ever
> is constructing the official-looking release, but anything in our CVS
> is strictly for draft documents.

I agree. This is in line with the general trademark policy, too (people
can freely copy, modify, and then rebrand, but not pass off modified
copies as an "official Fedora" product).


Stuart Ellis

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