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minutes FDSCo 18-Oct-2005

Hi, I'm just back from vacation and catching up.  Sorry if you didn't
know I was away, I was practicing Red Hat tradition of working like
crazy then disappearing for two weeks.  I was not allowed to work on
Fedora stuff during my vacation. ;-)

Karsten Wade
Tommy Reynolds
Stuart Elliss
Gavin Henry
Paul Frields

Here is the page that we updated:


We are now working from this page.  I am trying out new formats for
these minutes that just highlight what happened.


* First, temporary translation process is not at:


* Seeking, still seeking help with a gcj compiled FOP (and Saxon).
Anthony Green is helping us find a developer to fix our problems,
perhaps to carry the package into Fedora Extras.

* DocsRawhide is the nickname for the structure that is going to extract
all versions of a document from CVS (tagged by release and HEAD), build
them to all targets (HTML, PDF, RPM, etc.) in all languages, and make
these URLs available via a webpage.  This process happens as a rolling
build, making it possible to distribute links to your latest documents
that are in CVS. We have hardware identified and are working out
technical responsibilities and scheduling to make this happen.

* Beat writer positions are starting to fill up with developers from
individual projects.  You can still get yourself involved, working
directly with the developers.  More at:

http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DocsProject/ReleaseNotes/Beats .

* We are doing out first MoinMoin Wiki to DocBook XML conversion for the
release notes based on a snapshot to be taken on 22 December.  Wish us
luck!  If you want to help, contact kwade redhat com 

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