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minutes FDSCo 25 Oct. 2005

Today we were not able to have a quorum, but no decisions came up that
required one. :)

Stuart Elliss
Karsten Wade
Tommy Reynolds

Updated activities:



* Tommy has worked with Tim Waugh to get changes to xmlto upstream.  The
changes let us use xmlto with Saxon, and defaults to xsltproc if Saxon
is not installed.  Meanwhile, the status of FOP is still in question.

* Elliot is working on DocsRawhide, which will pull from CVS, build, and
publish documentation.

* Beat writing coverage has increased, thanks to the participation of
more active developers.

* Conversion of Wiki to XML went fairly well for the test1 relnotes.
Patrick did some work to automate the export of the URL.  We have a big
challenge keeping the XML in CVS and the Wiki in sync.  We need to work
out how to have a canonical, meaning that syncing needs to be seamless.

* The RPM Guide is in CVS.  Help is needed to clean up the XML, then
work can begin on updating the content.

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