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Re: Self-Introduction: Scott Glaser

On Sat, 2005-09-17 at 11:22 -0400, Scott Glaser wrote:
> Full legal name (as you use it is fine) 
> Scott Glaser

Welcome, Scott!

>               * What do you want to write about? 
>                       * Just about anything that will make Fedora
> 			easier to understand for a New Users. 
>               * What other documentation do you want to see published?
>                       * That is hard to say, first I would like to
> 			assist in making the Fedora Core 4 Installation
> 			Guide a document that will help new users in
> 			installing Fedora Core with little or no
> 			assistance no mater what method of install
> 			they choose.

There is another area that is hurting for writers, and it does have
benefit for new and continuing users.  If you haven't heard about the
fabulous release notes beats:


This is a manageable writing task that gets you close to the parts of
Fedora that interest you the most, connects you with recognition to a
project, and gets better the more people that help.

Stuart and Paul may be prepared to modularize the Fedora Installation
Guide a bit more.  We intend to package the FIG within the fedora-
release package alongside the release notes, as well as part of a master
docs package in Extras.  This package makes the FIG appear under Other
Documentation when you go to Applications > Help.   There is a lot of
exciting work happening in this area.

- Karsten
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