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Self-Introduction: Francesco Tombolini

Hi, all 
My name is Francesco Tombolini from Rome, Italy; 
I work as system administrator for a government office in my country. 
I wish to translate existing fedora documentation in my idioma.
I have translated the following fedora core documentation:
Understanding and Customizing the Apache HTTP SELinux Policy by Colin
Walters at this url:

Udev on Fedora by Harald Hoyer at this url

Fedora Core 3 SELinux FAQ by Karsten Wade

and other selinux FAQs at this address:

I'm an active translator and mantainer of italian locale of the
following packages:

I have suggested some q/a inclusion in Translation Project FAQs,
recently evaluated and published by Sarah Wang. 

My computer skills are considered medium-high for my working
environment, I have worked for near 7 years on Irix and linux, platform.

Best regards to all.

pub   1024D/F1405F73 2005-09-12
Key fingerprint = EDA9 7504 AA93 CEFC 5990  1356 8584 6B05 F140 5F73
uid   Francesco Tombolini (Share what you know, learn what you dont)
<tombo adamantio net>
sub   1024g/62931B8D 2005-09-12
Francesco Tombolini <tombo adamantio net>

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