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It's all gone to POT: the XML strings, that is.

Hello, Translators!

The first stage of reworking (aka "getting it to work the first
time") of the translation toolchain is complete.  Time to check it
out, translators!

Before, we tried very hard to keep every &entity; reference intact
within the XML.  

The idea was that we could use a single translation of the document
and FDP entities.

The idea was good: be able to change an entity string in a single
place and have all XML references pick up the change.

The idea just didn't work.  The translation tools don't work like
that, as far as we understand them.

So, I've made two changes in the way that we use the tools.  Firstly,
all translatable strings are now placed in the "po/${DOCBASE}.pot"
file.  Previously, we kept the strings from the "${DOC_ENTITIES}.xml"
file in its own .POT file.

If you have any .POT file OTHER than "po/${DOCBASE}.pot", you can
safely delete it.  We won't use it any more.

Secondly, entity references are no longer preserved in the
"po/${DOCBASE}.pot" file.  This means that ANY entity reference in
the original XML files will be fully-expanded into its replacement
text within the .POT file.  Yes, this means that you may have to
make the same change to the same string in several places around the
document, but that is the way it seems to work.

As always, please try it out and post any comments, questions, kudos,
brickbats, or credit card information to this list.


I'm already an anomaly, I shall soon be an anachronism, and I have
every intention of dying an abuse!

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